Since mid-March 2020, millions of Americans have been keeping tabs on how to prevent the spread of COVID-19 in their households. Thankfully, the CDC has information on disinfectants that can kill COVID-19 germs. The recommended disinfectants include Clorox Bleach, Windex Disinfectant Cleaner, Lysol Disinfectant, and more. As of July 7th, the Environmental Protection Agency ( EPA) has approved two new cleaning agents from Lysol. These products are the first to effectively kill novel COVID-19 on surfaces. The seriousness of the effect of this illness is unprecedented in our current time. Everyone should have these products in their household. 

 There has been a big shift in demand for cleaners in the U.S; a 75% spike in demand since the pandemic started taking over; according to Julia Pollack, a labor economist. As a homeowner, you might consider hiring a house cleaner as a dilemma because of the need to be socially distanced from others who are not part of your household, but public health officials have emphasized the importance of having a clean home during these times. Having your house cleaned is an essential activity and can affect your health. 

  There are many ways to communicate to your cleaner on how to practice a safe cleaning in your home. For example, on the Ragg Cleaning app’s booking page, there is an additional comment section where home-owners can communicate what practices their cleaner should follow while cleaning their home. 

       Cleaning services like Ragg are providing protective measures such as guidelines for both cleaners and homeowners to follow. Some information on the guidelines includes washing hands in-between cleanings, wearing gloves and masks, and keeping a safe distance from each other. Communication with both homeowners and cleaners is the most important aspect during these times; hence why Ragg offers private in-app messaging for both parties in case something needs to be addressed during the clean. The less physical interaction, the better!


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