For Cleaners

As a cleaner on Ragg, you have the opportunity to accept, complete, and get paid for cleaning jobs all on one platform app. Our mission is to make the process as simple as ever. Here is a guide as to how to use the Ragg app as a cleaner. 

First step after signing up: Proceed to settings tab and complete all required information as well as begin a quick and efficient vetting process.


  (1) Avatar, address, vetting, connect to stripe



(2) Once there is an available cleaning job in your area, you will find the job on Map tab. By clicking on the avatar logo on the top bar and clicking Cleaning offers, you will be shown the job as well as the payout. Click on View map next to the job and the map will take you to a Ragg pinpoint. After clicking on the Ragg logo marker, you will have the option of accepting the job.





 (3) Once you have been accepted to complete a job, the upcoming cleaning will show up on your smart calendar in Calendar tab. When it is the day of the cleaning job, click on "Clean"under the homeowner's name. By clicking on clean, you will notify the homeowner that you are on your way. This will take you to the cleaning job page. The cleaning job page will show you more notes as well as the homeowner's full address. 









(4) By clicking on Client, you will be able to see the full notes as well as full address. Clicking Job will make the checklist guidelines visible- every item on the checklist has to be checked off and completed for the Service Complete button to appear. Should there be an event where you need to contact a homeowner during a cleaning, the messaging icon will take you to a private messaging page. Once a service is complete the Service Complete button should be clicked. This button will notify the homeowner you have finished the service. 


Payment after each completed cleaning will be sent via direct deposit to the bank account on file. To view your earnings go to earnings tab. Cleaners will be tipped by homeowners based on performance! We wish all Ragg cleaners all luck during cleanings. Should you ever need help before, during or after a cleaning, please do not hesitate to contact Ragg's support team. 



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