At Ragg, our goal is to make the process of booking cleanings hassle-free. 

After downloading the app

Simply sign up as a homeowner. Then, sign in with your login credentials. Once logged in, proceed to settings and enter your required homeowner information. This includes an approriate profile photo for easy identification by our cleaners and Input your address of where you would want the cleaning to take place. 

Proceed To The Map

You will have the opportunity to view how many cleaners are in your area. When you are ready to book press, press "Book" on the top bar. Pressing book will take you to the booking page


On the booking page

Input the details of your cleaning. Please be as detailed as possible for your cleaner. There is an additional notes section on the very bottom. Once you have to input your payment and hit submit, you will  receive a confirmation that your cleaning was submitted. You will not be charged until the cleaning has been completed. Once you are matched with one of Ragg's local trusted cleaners, you will receive a notification with the cleaner's details. You can proceed to your Calendar page and view your cleaner's profile in the meantime. 

Day of  your scheduled cleaning

Once it is the day of your scheduled cleaning, you will receive a notification that your cleaner is on their way to complete the service. You can track their ETA by proceeding to the Calendar tab and clicking "ETA" under your cleaner's details. This will take you to a page that allows you not only to see their ETA, but see a live checklist,  and have the option to privately message the cleaner. The Ragg app is aware when a cleaner has arrived and has left. You will recieve notifications of both arrival and departures. 

Once cleanings are completed you, will have the option to rate and tip the cleaner for their service. 

Should you ever need assistance during, before or after your cleaning, Ragg's customer service email and line are available 24/7. 

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