Ragg, an on-demand platform, is an cleaning centric model-driven app. After over a year in development, Ragg app is now at the forefront of a drastic change in the way people view home cleaning. Ragg’s team worked relentlessly to solve the problem of connecting homeowners with trusted local cleaners on demand. Through recent advances in technology, Ragg’s team has introduced to North Florida their unique, user-friendly, live tracking cleaning platform.

This simple, intuitive, customer-friendly app provides a streamlined link between the homeowner and home cleaner. With a few simple steps, a home-owner can request an immediate or future cleaning session; which would then broadcast to all available local cleaners in their respective city. Once accepted, this dynamic link between both parties goes live with an estimated time of arrival and live tracking throughout the process. The homeowner can live-check every to-do item that has been completed by the cleaner. In addition, the homeowner can communicate through the in-app, private messaging system to coordinate any additional request by either party. Ragg provides industry-leading insurance for an extra piece of mind.

Ragg offers the industry’s highest payout for its professional cleaners. Ragg is extremely diligent ensuring only the most trusted cleaners will be accepted through a very extensive vetting procedure. Cleaners can accept jobs based on their preferred work schedule. No longer having to work in a non-flexible environment. Ragg cleaners are rewarded based on their performance through tipping on the app; which goes directly into their account through a collaboration with Stripe.

Ragg donates a portion of all profits to help victims of sexual abuse/violence. Ragg believes in giving back to the community that has offered the opportunity to grow the platform in an entrepreneurial environment and provide competitive wage and job. Ragg is now available to users in Jacksonville, Fl and has already over 200 registered cleaners. Vitsit Raggcleaning.com for more information or download "Ragg cleaning service" and book your cleaning today!

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