Every Ragg client demands a clean home and at Ragg, we consider this our top priority. With the number of viruses, bacteria, and just plain old grime in our environment, the goal for every Ragg Cleaner is to clean for optimum health and complete disinfection of all surfaces in-home or business.  

Thorough and proper disinfection is of upmost importance and paramount in preventing the spread of disease.  To accomplish these goals, find below a detailed list of all steps taken by each trained and qualified Ragg cleaner

First and foremost, we focus on all high touch areas during every cleaning session.  This involves using specialized products that have been proven by the CDC to combat viruses and bacteria. We use broad-spectrum disinfectant to combat the myriad of potential threats.  All high touch surfaces like doorknobs, chair arms, faucets, stair railings, cabinet handles, kitchen appliances, bathroom surfaces, and all other high touch areas in the home are targeted for cleaning and disinfection and given the most careful attention.

Clearly, covid 19 remains the focal point of all cleaning procedures, however, it is important to remember that bacteria, if not addressed, can multiply by doubling in size every half hour and can live on many surfaces like kitchen tables, coffee tables, toilet seats for up to 8 months, highlighting the importance of systematic, scheduled and timely regular cleaning.

One last important consideration to remind all current and potential Ragg clients. We at Ragg, go above and beyond all CDC guidelines when it comes to both cleaning and disinfecting all high touch surfaces.  It is important to remember there are differences between these two essential Ragg Cleaner duties.  Cleaning refers to the removal of germs, dirt, and impurities from surfaces. Cleaning does not kill germs, but by removing them, it lowers their numbers and risk of spreading infection.  On the other hand, Disinfecting refers to using certain chemicals to kill germs on surfaces.  This process does not necessarily clean dirty surfaces or remove germs, but killing germs on a surface after cleaning, lowers the risk of spreading infection.  In summary, all dirty surfaces must first be cleaned using soap or detergent and then disinfected with an EPA certified agent.  

At Ragg, our goal is to employ both techniques on every job site we visit, whether home or office on every visit.  No job is too small, none too big, all are approached with care and intelligence by qualified, vetted, and thoroughly trained Ragg Cleaners you can trust.

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