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About Us

Welcome to Ragg, where we combined the latest technology with the most professional, reliable cleaners in your area.

About Us:

At Ragg, our mission is to connect skilled and reliable cleaners with homeowners seeking exceptional cleaning services. We believe that finding a trusted cleaner should be straightforward and accessible to everyone, without the hassle of navigating through numerous channels or relying on personal recommendations.

Our Vision: Empowering Cleaners, Assuring Customers

Our platform was born out of a heartfelt desire to make a positive impact in the lives of cleaners, especially those facing challenges, such as language barriers, in finding opportunities. It all started with a family member of one of the founders who experienced the frustrations of limited job opportunities due to language differences. Witnessing this struggle ignited the passion to create a solution that empowers cleaners to find meaningful work and enables homeowners to discover trusted cleaning professionals with ease.

Simplifying Connections, Empowering Success:

Founded in Miami, FL in 2019, Ragg has been on a journey to transform the way people connect with cleaners. We set out to simplify the process, removing obstacles and complexities that often hinder opportunities. By bridging the gap between cleaners and homeowners, we aspire to build a thriving community where both parties can experience mutual growth and satisfaction.

Continuous Improvement for Maximum Benefit:

Our commitment doesn't end with launching a platform; it's only the beginning. We constantly strive to refine and enhance our services, driven by our vision to provide an exceptional experience for everyone involved. We listen to the valuable feedback from our users and tirelessly work towards making our platform more language-friendly and user-centric.

Our Community: The Heart of Ragg

At the core of our platform is a vibrant community of passionate cleaners and appreciative homeowners. We celebrate diversity, valuing the unique skills and talents each cleaner brings to the table. Similarly, we understand the trust homeowners place in our platform and continuously work to exceed their expectations.

Together Towards a Cleaner Tomorrow

With a focus on empowerment and seamless connections, Ragg aims to create a better tomorrow for cleaners and homeowners alike. We are dedicated to fostering growth, nurturing professional relationships, and fostering a sense of belonging within our community.

Join Us Today

We invite you to become part of our growing community-whether you're a skilled cleaner seeking new opportunities or a homeowner looking for reliable cleaning services. Together, let's embrace a cleaner, more connected future.