Ragg Cleaning

Trustworthy professionals

How does Ragg work?

Step 1 - homeowner posts offer on the map

Inside the Ragg app homeowners can book new appointments by filling up a form that allows them to schedule the perfect cleaning at their convenience. The booking form is very easy to use and straightforward. Every new appointment can be booked under 5 minutes.


Step 2 - first come first serve

When a new offer is being posted, every cleaner on the platform who lives near the homeowner gets notified within seconds after the offer has been created and made visible on the map. Cleaners can see location and details of the offer. The first cleaner to accept the offer gets matched with the homeowner. Ragg notifies the homeowner and they are now in contact. If nobody accepts an offer on time, Ragg removes the offer from the map and notifies the homeowner. Ragg never charges the homeowner.